Month: February 2019

Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver

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Eight Myths About Testosterone That Must Go!

Even though Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been safely used since the 1930s, there are eight myths about Testosterone that must go! Eight Myths About Testosterone Patients have used Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) since the 1930s, yet many myths exist about its safety. Here are eight myths about Testosterone and the reality behind its benefits.…
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FREE Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy Seminar

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms, you need to learn about the benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy at our FREE seminar on February 13, 2019.… Fatigue or Lack of Energy Difficulty Sleeping at Night Reduced Mental Focus and Memory Hot Flashes or Night Sweats Difficulty Losing Weight Moodiness Anxiety or Depression Decreased…
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