Why take a Biote Iodine Supplement?

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Why take a Biote Iodine Supplement?

BioTE Iodine Plus

The supplements we prescribe to our patients are based on the outcome of their blood tests and physical exam. One of the nutrients that we commonly see our patients lacking is Iodine. Most often this is because of a combination of a diet lacking Iodine AND too much exposure to Bromine.

Bromine is commonly found in flame retardants, baking ingredients, cell phones, plastic, dye, soda, and prescription drugs. Despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control about the serious, long-term health effects of constant exposure, the use of the chemical shows no signs of slowing down. [1]

Dangerous Effects of Bromine

1. Disrupts Thyroid function.

2. Increases risk of preterm birth and birth defects.

3. Slows brain and nerve development in children.

4. Causes a form of brain damage (there’s even a name for it, Bromism).

5. Contributes to mental illness.

6. Causes the combination of skin disorders “cherry” angiomas and lesions called Bromine Acne”.

7. Causes oxidative damage to DNA which is linked to health concerns like arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.

8. Causes Kidney toxicity.

9. Increased risk of hearing loss.

Because Bromine interferes with proper thyroid function, hormone synthesis, and kidney health, the first step you should take is to reduce your intake of this toxic chemical. And those are just a few of the many problems associated with excessive bromine intake. Reducing your exposure to bromine and related chemicals, such as potassium bromate, is a key step to protecting your health. The next step is to ensure you have adequate iodine levels, which can be accomplished by eating iodine-rich foods or supplementing with a high-quality iodine supplement.

Our office stocks the full line of BioTE supplements so contact us or visit our office.  If you would like to learn more about the toxic effects of Bromine, click here.