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Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver

BioTE hormone replacement therapy helps woman blowing nose

Three Ways Biote Boosts Immune System

3 Ways Biote Boosts Immune System 1. Hormone Optimization: Optimizing testosterone levels can help improve sleep, which studies show can help improve the immune system. Hormone optimization using the Biote Method may help reduce anxiousness which can also improve immune function. 2. Thyroid Optimization: The immune system includes cells that protect our bodies from foreign…
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BioTE Iodine Plus

Why take a Biote Iodine Supplement?

The supplements we prescribe to our patients are based on the outcome of their blood tests and physical exam. One of the nutrients that we commonly see our patients lacking is Iodine. Most often this is because of a combination of a diet lacking Iodine AND too much exposure to Bromine. Bromine is commonly found…
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