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Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver

If you’ve decided improve your health and enhance your life, you want to find the best Denver Biote Provider. If you’d like to start Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), but don’t know where to begin, we can help. BHRT can help you lead a longer, healthier, and happier life. You know hormone replacement therapy can improve your sleep quality, lessen your risk of heart disease, improve your circulation, give you more energy, improve your sexual health, and so much more. Now you need to find a hormone replacement physician to prescribe your medications and guide you toward health and wellness. This article provides seven questions when choosing a doctor specializing in hormone therapy.

How Much Experience Does the Doctor Have Providing BHRT?

Be sure to ask the doctor how long they have been practicing hormone replacement therapy. How do they stay current on new practices in hormone replacement therapy? Remember, Your internal medicine physician, endocrinologist, or other doctors who technically provide hormone replacement therapy may need more breadth and depth of knowledge to optimize your experience and keep you safe. It’s essential to find a doctor who specializes in this area regardless of whether you’re looking for testosterone replacement therapy, female hormone replacement, or a whole host of hormone replacement therapy services. Schedule a FREE consultation.

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Will I Receive a Comprehensive Evaluation and Detailed Testing?

Many hormone replacement therapy clinics begin with a small blood sample or even a finger prick to evaluate your levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol. However, these primary biomarkers need to provide a glimpse into your overall health and the potential effect of male and female hormone replacement therapy on your body. When seeking a doctor specializing in hormone therapy, ask about the specific lab panels and biomarkers they review and how often they check them. High-quality male and female hormone replacement therapy should initially include the analysis of more than 100 biomarkers and retesting within six to eight weeks and every 25 weeks after that. Click to contact our specialist today.

Does the Doctor Provide Hormone Replacement Therapy Alone or As An Integrative Approach?

Reputable hormone replacement therapy clinics focus on whole-person and holistic care that includes diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and necessary supplements. This approach is critical if you’re recovering from an injury, have an auto-immune disorder, or are suffering from a degenerative condition. Not sure if you even need hormone therapy? Take the FREE Men’s and Women’s Hormone Imbalance Quizzes.

Will I Receive a Personalized Hormone Replacement Plan?

For example, is your BHRT based on your specific lab results, or just one of 4 or 5 options your provider chooses from? Will the doctor spend time asking about your health concerns, history, diet, and lifestyle to consider a comprehensive health plan? Hormone therapy for women and men should always include a personalized plan to optimize your health and wellness.

Does The Program Use Personalized Doses of Hormones?

Some hormone replacement physicians apply a blanket dose of hormones rather than looking at your unique health circumstances. Precision dosing is critical. Every patient is different and it’s vital that your Doctor not only prescribes the right dose of hormones for you but also monitors your progress.

What if I Have Questions?

In other words, does the hormone replacement clinic employ someone available to you when you need them most? Will they help you sort through female and male hormone replacement therapy options? Discuss your BHRT medication list. Treatment managers can help answer your questions about diet, exercise, dosing, injections, and more – by video, text, or email.

Want to Find The Best Biote Provider?

Choosing a hormone replacement therapy specialist is ultimately about finding the right fit. You need to be comfortable with your provider and honestly believe your doctor has your best interests in mind. Be bold and ask questions to get what you need. Call us today to find out more or to get started. Call (303) 424-7171, or Schedule an Appointment Online with the best Biote provider!