Five Myths About Women and Testosterone

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Five Myths About Women and Testosterone

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There are more than five myths about women and testosterone but here are the most common ones.  Testosterone is important for women’s health and is found in abundant amounts. Women’s testosterone levels can begin to decline as early as 20 years old and begins to drop even faster beginning around age 35. Optimizing testosterone levels can have many benefits for women’s health and is a very important part of preventative medicine. Properly balanced testosterone levels are important for improving mood, increasing energy levels, increasing muscle mass and definition, as well as helping to manage a healthy weight.

Five Myths About Women and Testosterone

There are quite a few harmful misconceptions about the role that testosterone plays in women’s health. Here are the five myths about women and testosterone.

1. Testosterone is a Male Hormone

Both men and women naturally produce testosterone. Testosterone plays a very important role in women’s health just like the more well-known hormone estrogen. Balancing a woman’s testosterone levels can greatly improve her health.

2. Testosterone Makes Women More Masculine

Testosterone will not masculinize a woman. Some women also worry that testosterone will lower their voices. The dosing that is used in BHRT therapy will not deepen or change women’s voices.

3. Testosterone Will Make Women Grow Facial Hair

Approximately 2% of women experience an increase in mid-line hair growth (lip, chin, below the navel, etc.) when their testosterone levels are elevated but are typically easily managed by your BHRT provider.

4. Testosterone Increases Women’s Libido and Sex Drive

This “myth” does have some truth to it. Many women that have experienced a decline in their sex drive report an increase in libido after beginning a BHRT program. However, optimized hormone levels are essential for more than just sex-drive. Testosterone helps regulate body several body systems that influence mood, energy levels, physical fitness, and overall health as women age.

5. Testosterone Causes Hair Loss

The last of the five myths about women and Testosterone is that it causes hair loss, In fact, less than 1% of women experience hair loss while on a personalized BHRT program. The most common cause of hair loss in women is actually thyroid deficiency. A very important part of BioTE therapy also involves optimizing thyroid function to ensure patients receive the most benefits possible from their treatment.

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