Is Testosterone Bad For Women?

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Is Testosterone Bad For Women?

testosterone and female health

Is Testosterone bad for women? Well, yes and no. Testosterone is actually one of the most abundant hormones in females and is incredibly important for maintaining female health. A drop in a woman’s testosterone levels can occur as early as 20 years of age. Most reductions in testosterone production started around the age of 35. Optimizing testosterone levels can have wide-ranging benefits to not only a female health problem but is an essential part of preventative medicine. Restoring testosterone levels to an optimum level can elevate mood, increase energy, improve muscle mass and definition, and help manage weight.

Debunking Testosterone Myths

There are many harmful misconceptions about the roles that testosterone plays in female health.

Here are the five most common myths:

1. Testosterone is a “Male” Hormone
Testosterone is naturally produced in both sexes. This vital hormone plays an essential role in women’s health much like better-known hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Because the hormonal system is so important, balancing testosterone can have a tremendous effect on a woman’s health.

2. Testosterone Makes Females More “Masculine”
Testosterone does not masculinize women. Women also worry that testosterone will deepen their voice. However, qualified, rigorously trained Biote providers carefully determine each patient’s specific needs.  Prescribing only the amounts of testosterone necessary to help reverse the effects aging has on the endocrine system. Testosterone is administered only in the doses recommended in the Biote method and will not deepen or change a woman’s voice.

3. Testosterone Will Make Women Grow a Beard!
A tiny percentage (about 2%) of women will experience an increase in midline hair growth (lip, chin, “happy trail”, etc.) when increasing testosterone levels.  When this happens, highly trained Biote providers can diagnose these problems and provide easy solutions quickly. If this happens to you, consult with your Biote provider.

Testosterone Is An Essential Hormone for Women

4. Testosterone Ony Increases Libido and Sex Drive
While many females report a return of libido after optimizing hormones, testosterone means much more than just an improved sex drive. Testosterone helps regulate many vital systems that influence mood, energy levels, physical fitness, and overall physical and mental health. In fact, optimized testosterone levels are linked to a reduced rate of both Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis.

5. Testosterone Will Make Women Lose Their Hair
Less than 1% of women experience hair loss while following Biote protocols. In fact, the most common cause of hair loss in women is due to thyroid deficiency. Fortunately, the Biote method also optimizes thyroid function to help ensure a whole-body approach to better health.

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