What is the Price of Testosterone Injections?

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What is the Price of Testosterone Injections?

What is the Price of Testosterone Injections

What is the price of Testosterone injections? Well, first of all, you cannot save money by buying testosterone off the internet or finding another way to get testosterone shots without seeing a qualified doctor. Legitimate testosterone therapy can only be provided with a doctor’s prescription. Many factors factor into the price of testosterone therapy; the average cost of testosterone shots can be as high as $750 every month.

Insurance and Testosterone Therapy

Suppose you have been given a legitimate diagnosis of low testosterone and have appropriate coverage. In that case, your insurance company might pay for your testosterone shots. Testosterone provides many benefits for men with low testosterone. Most hormone replacement practices agree that testosterone pellet therapy is the most effective testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

The first question people interested in Testosterone therapy ask is, “How much do testosterone injections cost?” However, it’s important to consider what is involved in TRT. Weekly testosterone shots are just a part of TRT. Buying testosterone off the internet or finding another way of receiving testosterone shots without seeing a doctor is dangerous.

There is only one way to undergo TRT, safely and that is to work with a Doctor that focuses on hormone therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy should only be provided to patients with a legitimate testosterone deficiency. Only then will a doctor prescribe Testosterone therapy. In the US, using testosterone shots without a Doctor’s prescription is not only illegal, but it’s also dangerous. The true cost of testosterone prescriptions can vary significantly. These factors affect Testosterone shot prices:

  • Age, weight, and symptoms of the patient
  • Individual goals and lifestyle of the patient
  • Brand or type of testosterone shots chosen or recommended by your doctor
  • Location or pharmacy that fills your prescription
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Your choice of Testosterone doctor or clinic

How Is the Cost of Injections Determined?

It is tough to state an exact cost for a monthly testosterone shots program because so many variables are involved. First, dosages will vary from patient to patient, affecting the price. No two patients present will present with the same symptoms. Nor will they receive the same prescription. So, don’t base the cost of your TRT on what your friend or co-worker pays for their treatment.

Beyond that, the price of testosterone injections varies, sometimes by a lot, for several other reasons. Brand names are one. Several brands of testosterone are available in the US, and their prices vary based on the maker. Additionally, the provider’s expertise, the size of the practice, and even the office location can affect the cost of your injections. Because of these various factors, Testosterone injections typically range in price from $150 to $750 per month. Testosterone injections can vary widely based on age, weight, and medical history. 

Does Insurance Lower the Price of Testosterone Therapy?

Some insurance companies will cover a portion of the cost of testosterone treatments. However, if you have health insurance, there’s no guarantee they will cover the cost of your testosterone therapy. 

Oftentimes they will not pay for the injections but will cover your office copay and lab work. If you have insurance and are considering using it for testosterone injections, check with your insurance provider before starting treatment to find out your benefits.

Testosterone Injections Cost Vs. Benefits

When contemplating testosterone injections, you must consider the price of the therapy versus the benefits and possible risks. We prefer to have patients consider their TRT as an investment in their health and improved quality of life. The benefits of testosterone injections include the following:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved sex life
  • More lean muscle
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduction of fat
  • A better outlook on life
  • Improved mental processing and memory
  • Improved sex life
  • Healthier sperm count
  • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • Improved moods – less depression and anxiety
  • An overall feeling of more youthfulness

Despite all the benefits of testosterone therapy, many people hesitate to spend money on a treatment that genuinely benefits their lives but think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on designer clothing they may never wear. Instead, do something that benefits yourself and your partner.

How much do Testosterone injections cost
<strong>Research shows that approximately 40 of men aged 45 and older have low testosterone<strong>

What Does the Cost of Testosterone Injection Include?

You’ve probably seen Testosterone injections advertised for anywhere from $30 to $125 per month. Don’t be fooled. Find out exactly what is being offered in before comparing prices. For example, is that only the cost of Testosterone? What about lab tests, doctors’ visits, additional supplements, and anything else required of a program of testosterone injection therapy? When factoring in all these costs, your “out-of-pocket” costs will be similar to the ones mentioned above. “What is the price of Testosterone injections?” should not be your only question.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Testosterone Injections?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) has safely treated hormone-related symptoms and improved the quality of life in men and women. BHRT was the first therapy to successfully treat hormone imbalances. Since this treatment began to be used in the 1930s, the medications and the methods used to deliver them have changed. For millions of patients, BHRT is the chosen method of hormone optimation.

BHRT consists of inserting small pellets under the skin, typically in the hip or upper buttocks. These pellets measure just 3mm x 9mm, roughly the size of a grain of rice. They contain plant-based, “bioidentical” hormones. The pellets gradually dissolve over the course of three to six months. The number of pellets required by each patient is calculated to address their specific symptoms and hormone levels. Specific blood tests are done to measure hormone and thyroid levels before receiving treatment.

Because the pellets are so small, the number doesn’t affect the incision size. The procedure is a simple 15 to 30-minute procedure that requires only a local anesthetic. Most patients report the procedure is painless. The pellets completely dissolve in the body so they don’t need to be removed. Not sure if you need Testosterone therapy? Take a FREE men’s or women’s Hormone Imbalance Test.

What Are the Benefits of BHRT

  • Simple and Infrequent Procedure: Unlike Testosterone shots, BHRT only requires a short Doctor’s visit, two to four times a year. Testosterone shots must be administered weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Steady Release of Testosterone: BHRT pellets deliver their hormones into the body, similar to how the body naturally releases its hormones. The release is gradual and only fluctuates with your activity levels. Increasing when your heart rate is elevated and decreases while you are resting. This method avoids the “roller coaster” effect that you see with injections, pills, and creams. This steadier release helps to manage your symptoms better.
  • Improved Adherence: Using pills, patches, creams, gels, and injections requires you to remember to take or apply them consistently. Even a tiny change in your dosing schedule can affect your treatment. BHRT eliminates through the slow, consistent release of hormones over time.

How Do You Start Testosterone Therapy?

When asking “What is the price of Testosterone injections”, consider that like any other purchase, the office with the lowest price usually won’t provide the best patient care and customer service. While cost is essential, don’t let it be the driving force in your decision. Customer service and the opinions of their existing patients are more important than the fees they may charge.

It would be best if you also chose an office that will work with you to help keep the cost of your testosterone therapy within your budget. Don’t ignore the symptoms of Low T because you’re worried about the cost. Schedule an appointment with our preferred provider serving patients in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado today to learn how BHRT can help you. Let’s work together to discuss the various hormone replacement plans available and find one that can work for you!